Where has 2017 gone!!!

Hi everyone, I’m very sorry, but I have been unable to blog for sometime now…  It seems that since last Christmas  “the Great Universe” decided that I didn’t have enough in my life to contend with! so why not throw a few more family problems our way.. As you maybe aware I already care for my elderly mother.  Last February she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at stage 3… so the decision was taken for an 85 year old lady (with more fight in her than I have) she was admitted to hospital for an operation for the removal of her right breast…. All has gone well, and has managed it like a trooper, and from a recent hospital visit was told that the cancer is now in remission YAY….

If this wasn’t enough to manage with, my younger brother was acting very strange and with mums operation this really sent him into a panic stricken way of life… So off to the doctors with him and after lots and lots and lots of tests was finally given the  devastating new that he was diagnosed  with “Young On-set Dementia” at the age of 57.

So as you can imagine we still had to quilt customer’s quilt’s which I must say, I think I would have gone mad without them… All the form filling, assessments then mums hospital appointments.. there have been days/weeks when I didn’t know which day of the month it was.

Just before last Christmas our  beautiful third grandchild was born (this time a girl).. John and I get so much pleasure from our three grandchildren and think they have been the main reason for staying sane and young!!!

So with all the good intentions I made at the beginning of 2016 went out of the window…. I tried really hard but I just couldn’t keep up with my monthly course so that has been put on hold.

The e-commence shop has still be operating and John has had a very sharp learning curve with the different types of fat quarters, long fat quarter etc I even managed to get him to help with some of the smaller quilts. He has basting off to ‘patt’ now

With all of this happening my lovely customer’s have been nothing short of supportive, kind and miraculous and for this,  words really can’t express how we feel and  a “Thank you” seems so small in comparison… But Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

We have decided to close the on-line shop from 22nd December 2017 until 3rd January 2018… (however, you can still place an order but it will not be processed until the 3rd January 2018.

So John and I would love to extend the Seasons Greetings for a very Peaceful and Prosperous New Year from our family here at Dragonfly Quilting to you all.

John and Marion Dragonfly Quilting