February 2017

Well it’s February and so far I have managed to stay on track with my resolution of spending half an hour each day on sewing.  I started last month’s block of the month “Murder Mystery Quilt” and I really enjoyed sewing this…here it is

Murder Mystery Quilt Block

And now, onto February’s …  Sewing curves is this month’s block (challenging to say the least!) but after a lot of rude words and lots of reverse sewing (unpicking) I finally found out that there is a sewing foot which helps to sew curves so of course I ordered one…….a must have, if you are going to do curves….

I’ve also been busy making several burp cloths for my little granddaughter….

These are a really easy and quick project to do, ideal for those rainy afternoons, or for those quick little presents (always needed at the last minute)


So this is how I made these……


Two different fabrics (cotton/towelling/brushed cotton etc);

¼” foot;


Rotary Cutter;

Cutting Mat;


Sewing Machine (but these could also be sewn by hand);

Thread to blend with the fabric;


First thing to do (and the hardest) is to choose your fabrics… Winnie the Pooh Rainy DaysI decided on our brushed cotton ‘Winnie the Pooh Rainy Days’ and ‘Winnie the Pooh and Tigger’,

Next, I trimmed off the salvage, squared off as usual and trimmed the fold so that I then had four separate pieces of fabric;  which I then cut into four pieces 10” x 20” (this was the requested size from my daughter .. but you could do 8″ x 20″ it all depends on you) Out of two fat quarters you would be able to make two burp cloths

Once cut, place your selected fabrics fronts together. Pin all the way around leaving a gap of about 4” at the top for turning… .


Now sew all the way around starting from one side of the 4″ gap and ending on opposite side…. My seam allowance was a 1/8” (you can find this on your ¼” foot see below) I also reinforced my corners by sewing extra stitches…..




Once sewn all the way round trim the corners close to the seam line but do not cut the stitches.. I then pressed to set my seams and then turned inside out.


After turning the right way round, make sure that you get the corners out by using something to poke them with (technical term)  again press to make sure the opening is turned in



You can now sew around the whole item about an 1/8” from the edge and this will take in the raw edges.. If you wished you could use some of your decorative stitches but remember that the stitch should be able to turn corners……, I learnt that the hard way – lol

Once this is done, you will have your burp cloths ….. quick and simpleBurb bib

Hope you enjoy this and will give it a go, mine have been well and truly christened and I have received a request for more!!!  My daughter Rebecca has now found another use for these burp cloths by placing them across the crib ….