January 2017

Well here we are in 2017, I have no idea how or where the last year has gone too…  So much has happened  with family illness and loss, but we finally managed to end the year on a high with the arrival of our new granddaughter Sophie Rebecca who was the best Christmas present ever…. She is so beautiful and cute (but then I am bias as I’m her grandmother)

As we are now in a the New Year and as with millions of others on New Year’s Eve, I started to make my list of New Year’s Resolutions, but like every other year by the beginning of February they have gone out the window….. Well not this year!!

So I decided that instead of a New Year’s Resolutions I’d be slightly different to other years, and gave myself a little challenge: to try and achieve half an hour sewing or crafting my own projects (watch this space to see if I can do it lol)

So to Dragonfly Quilting and what the year ahead holds for us…  After having the web-page at the beginning of last year refreshed we have finally managed to get rid of all those little gremlins and hopefully it is more user friendly,  like your input on this please….

We really would like to take this opportunity of  thanking all our customers for their patience’s and understanding whilst this process was on going.

We have quilted some beautiful quilts from you all last year, and now interior designers are also calling at our door for our quilting services which is quite nice.

I’ll be trying to keep up more regularly with this blog this year (another New Year’s Resolution lol) also be placing some projects that could be finished in a weekend or afternoon for you to do….. Hope you enjoy them …..

Anyway it’s now time for me go and start my half an hour sewing (this time its smoking will show images when I finish my first sample piece) I’ve also signed up for a monthly course on the internet,  which covers my two most favourite subjects murder mysteries and patchwork..  Having just just received this month’s block, so need choose my fabrics!!!  Do you think I will have the fabric in my stash????)

Happy Quilting