Spring is here!

Well Spring is in the air, the flowers are starting to blossom and the nights are getting lighter as well as warmer. So what has everyone been up too! Well here at Dragonfly Quilting we have been kept very busy with customers quilts my poor little Franny (that my name for my Long-arm)  hasn’t had time to catch her breath will all the beautiful quilts that we have finished off…

Recently received a digital copy of an interview we did last year for London Quilters local magazine of which I have attached the copy for you all to see.

I hope to see everyone at Malvern Quilting Show next week. I will be taking lots of photos to share with those that will not be able to get there. For those going have fun its a great show. See you there!!!

MARION MATTHEWS (and her husband, JOHN)

In 1996 Marion had a life-changing trip to stay with her aunt in Rochester, New York. She was taken to visit the Gennessee Country Village Museum, an outdoor experience filled with houses from around the State and with many activities to become absorbed in.

Marion never got past the quilters. Ladies were sitting around a quilting frame dressed in period costume and chatting among themselves. She saw none of the rest of the village. So entranced was she that her aunt bought Marion the full quilting set of rulers, pizza cutter and mat and two packs of fabric and she was on her way, starting with a table runner for John’s mother.

Marion began with small quilts and cushions but they got bigger and bigger. Most of her quilts have been given away. “I think they should be used and lovJohn and meed” she says. The important thing for Marion is that if you can’t be with someone you love you can give them a cuddle through a quilt. Her most recent quilt was a Christening quilt for her grandson. It was a white whole cloth quilt with angels’ wings. It has never been used as his parents think it is “too good”.

In 2006 John wanted to buy Marion a special present. “I want a long-arm quilting machine” she commented, little expecting this to materialize. It did arrive but they then had to build a new workshop in the garden to house the monster.


This is now Marion’s studio and is a treasure trove of her quilts, masterpieces of other quilters, and a huge supply of gorgeous backing fabrics which is her new venture (as well as the Gammill).

The new machine proved a godsend to Janet Goddard, a quilter and friend of Marion. She had three quilts needing urgent quilting and Marion was able to help out. Janet then pushed Marion to start up a business quilting the work of others.


me and machine

John helps Marion by putting the quilts on the machine, cleaning and maintaining it, ironing, starching and pressing every quilt, measuring out the wadding. A true family business.
In time, Marion became aware of how frustrated quilters often were with their inability to find backing fabrics which just matched their quilt. It was John’s idea to get in backing fabric and sell this both directly and online. They now have an enormous selection of wonderful fabrics for every need.
From the beginning of her time with the Gammill Marion has quilted charity quilts, including two for London Quilters. Charities for which she has given her time include heart and cancer charities, Help for Heroes and many smaller charities such as the Peter Westropp Trust which raised £1000 when the quilt she worked on was auctioned.
Marion’s own quilting is now confined to the times when she and John go away in their caravan. They have an awning which converts into an extra bedroom but this is Marion’s mobile sewing room. As soon as they stop she gets out the sewing machine, sew-easy table and boxes of fabric. It’s a busy life.




To contact Marion: Tel 01923 440551 Email: marion@dragonflyquilting.co.uk
Web: www.dragonflyquilting.co.uk