Finding UFO’s

Well, have we are in 2015, and I managed to spend most of the holidays and following months confined to my bed. You know how it goes…. First one comes down with the flu, then another and so on until finally you catch it. The only problem for me is that it causes other health problems as I suffer from Chrons Disease. Enough of this though….

I was not allowed (Doctors orders) to sew or quilt, I found this very frustrating and deciding to sort out my sewing room which was very therapeutic. With the added bonus of finding many kits, I had completely forgotten about. These UFO’s (Un-finished Objects) that I have actually collected over the years from attending Quilting Shows….

With all of these UFO’s I could not make up my mind as to which one to choose I should start with… so logically!!  I asked my 2 ½ year grandson for his opinion. You guessed it!  He choose the hardest (typical)…. then asked if nanny could make him a dinosaurs quilt…. you just have to love them!

Well now it’s nearly Easter, where has the time gone??

Has anyone else been enthralled with the latest series of the “Great British Sewing Bee” I found it very enlighten and stirred up my enthusiasm to take up my dress making again. So out I rushed! Dress/Skirt pattern purchased all ready to go!!

I have chosen a couple of our Extra Wide Backing Fabric from our vast collect, to make myself a selection of outfits… so watch this space!!!

In the meantime, Dragonfly Quilting has taken delivery of several bundles of new fabrics which are being processed and will be put onto the site very soon.

Well I had better get back to my quilting which has been stacked up whilst I have not been well.

Happy Quilting
I hope you all enjoy International Quilting Day 2015quilt