Where do I begin?

I was asked the other day by my friends’ daughter,  what would be my personal tips for a beginner with no experience……

Well,  this really got me thinking so I decided to note  a few things down that would have help me when I first started patchwork and quilting.  So here are my personal tips for the different tools that you might need to begin with!!!

So what would be the best tools to start with…..

photo 1

Well a really good rotary cutter would be a good place to start… I personally use a Olfa 45%. Of course there are a lot of different types out there, so take your time in choosing one.

Here’s the Health and Safety bit:   Remember to always lock the blade… so you don’t end up cutting yourself… OR someone else!

The second item I would suggest you choose; is your first ruler: There are so many different types and sizes out there.... It was recommended to me many year’s ago, that I start with a 6 1/2″ by 24″ ruler.  As this will cover most of the cutting need to begin with….

A self-healing cutting mat… (It saves the dining room table)

Scraps of fabric – for practising the use of ruler and rotary cutting….   I would definitely suggest to a beginner to practice measuring and cutting out accurately on scraps of fabric before starting your first project.

A good pair of scissors; and flower head pins.

A selection of fat quarters to start my first project with: (There is a huge range of pre-cut fabrics already on the market, if you so wish)

Your next choice will be whether or not you wish to piece by hand or machine. This is down to personally choice. I use a sewing machine to piece my fabric, and would suggest that you use a 1/4″ foot for accurate seams. Most quilting machine these day already come with this foot. Check your sewing machine manual.

Handy tip: By placing masking/decorators tape measured accurately from the needle a 1/4″ to the right on the sewing plate and then place, will also help with the accuracy of your seam allowance.

So happy quilting to all you beginners out there and welcome to a great community!!

Happy Quilting Marion

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