Exciting Summer

Well it’s been an exciting summer and I hope that everyone has been busy with their own patchwork projects. I have been kept very busy with customer’s quilts and the new web shop which is doing really well.

But of course my little grandson is keeps his nanny fit and on her toes with running around playing (Disney) Plane’s and Car’s must try and  design a quilt with these …..   Poor John is trying (with grandson’s help) to alter our porch and cloakroom (you should see the mess!!!) but at least they are both very happy …..

this summer Dragonfly Quilting had its own mystery,  which caused a lot of frustration ….  And a few expletives!!!!!!      The air was blue for most of the time…   One half of our lawn was growing fine and the other half had the turf ripped out from its roots (anyone would have thought that someone had been murder every morning with Johns moaning !!!!!)

The explanations for the cause to this problem were quite interesting  as the ladies delivered their quilts…. Many offering a solution as to who the culprits were…… from foxes, to squirrels BUT the actual culprits were the Thrush’s after the grubs in the lawn…..

Happy Quilting folks


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